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Job Information

Company·Equipment outline, Outline

  • In the Oita area, New Gloria Resort Group which operates a wide range of business hotels, stay type monthly hotel, capsule hotel, Yufuin and various hot spring inns in Beppu, restaurants and hot bathing facilities.We are a central enterprise that oversees group companies, and conducts sales and reservation of facilities, business development, personnel management (recruitment training).

    It is adoption as a service system general position.There are a wide range of jobs to be engaged such as personnel, general affairs, accounting, reservation reception staff, headquarters functions, service staff at each hotel and inn, hotel front desk, cooking in kitchen.
    It will work at the headquarters or each facility.
Company informationBusiness contents
In the prefecture, we operate facilities such as inn, business hotel, restaurant, weekly apartment, coin laundry, drop-off hot water.【Facilities operated】
Yukemurinosato, pavilion
Zekkeinoyado, Sakura Tei
Japanese style inn, Yumeetsuki
Iyashi-no-yado, Iroha
Kamegawa Onsen, Yuyu
Guesthouse AKIBA
Business Resort Sourin
Japanese style inn, Sayagi Tei
Healing village, Oshi-tei
Lodge, Shiki-an
New Gloria Oita Hotel
New Gloria Tsurusaki Hotel
New Gloria Seifu

Version house(Yufuin, Kannawa, Kitahama, Chuo-machi)
Weekly Version House(Takagi, Nagawa)
Laundry (Expansion of new store mainly in Oita prefecture)
Yoyoi no yu

Capsule Hotel Gloria(G-Palace)
Beppu Beer Garden(G-Palace)
Karaoke WAIWAI(G-Palace)
Nagawa learning(G Palace)
Showa 49 in March

35 million yen

number of employees
Number of group employees 300

amount of sales
Group sales, ¥ 2.5 billion (2018 results)
Currently expanding business smoothly

■head office/Beppu City
※We operate various facilities in Oita prefecture (Oita, Beppu, Yufuin, others).(Less than, Administrative facility reference)
New Gloria Resort GroupWe are currently enjoying 11 ryokans in Yufuin in Oita Prefecture, Beppu and Oita city.
Also enjoy three business hotels in Oita City and three weekly apartments in Oita Prefecture.
It is widely operated.Regarding the inn, we develop fine-grained services with the motto of providing a comfortable space to many customers who are leaving our everyday lives and seeking healing.
We set up a drink server and offer it free of charge,
New Gloria Resort Group, such as distributing service tickets for accommodation within the group,
We have implemented various measures, and have received very popular attention.These efforts were evaluated, not only new customers, but also repeat customers increased year by year.

Job Application, Contact Information

  • New Gloria Resort Group
    Ltd., New Gloria Resort
    Recruitment/General Affairs Department, Career in charge

    tel.0977-21-7123 | Reception hours(8: 30-22: 00)

    〒 874-0942, 2-10 Chiyomachi, Beppu City, Oita Prefecture